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China wraps up Lanzhou-Chengdu pipeline

CNPC announces completion of Lanzhou-Chengdu pipeline, which will bring 10 million tonnes of crude per year to north-western China

China wraps up Lanzhou-Chengdu pipeline

China’s Lanzhou-Chengdu Crude Pipeline has been completed, the country’s state-owned oil corporation CNPC announced, as part of plans to improve the country’s energy infrastructure and encourage oil production.


The 880km-long pipeline stretches along some of China’s harshest terrain, including the Qinling Mountains. The pipeline will be able to deliver 10 million tonnes of crude per annum from Lanzhou, Gansu Province to the Pengzhou terminal station in the Sichuan Province.


The pipeline boasts a X65 spiral submerged-arc-welded (SSAW) pipe and has a pipe diameter of 610mm, as well as a designed maximum pressure of 13.4MPa and a fall head of 2,207m. CNPC claims it is the pipeline in the country which combines the highest pipe pressure with the largest fall head.


“As a major part of the energy channel in north-western China, Lanzhou-Chengdu Crude Pipeline will play an important role in improving China’s petrochemical layout, promoting the development of local economy and relevant industries, and stimulating oil production growth in Xinjiang,” CNPC said in a written statement.

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