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TNK-BP to launch new SRU at Ryazan

02nd November 2012

TNK-BP invests USD 97m in new sulphur recovery unit at Ryazan Oil Refinery Company

TNK-BP to launch new SRU at Ryazan
The unit will enable additional utilization of 6 mcm of hydrogen sulphide per hour

ТNК-ВР on Thursday announced that by 2016 it will invest USD 97m in the construction of a free sulphur recovery unit at the Ryazan Oil Refinery Company (RORC).

"Construction of this unit is a strategic project of the refinery and a prerequisite for full transfer to the production of Euro-5 standard products," said Anatoly Skoromets, RORC general director.

The free sulphur recovery unit will allow meeting the growing demand for hydrogen sulphide utilization and will enable additional utilization of 6,000 cubic meters (mcm) of hydrogen sulphide per hour, which equals over 48.2 mmcm per annum.

By 2016 RORC will fully switch to the production of Euro-5 standard fuel, which contains five times less sulphur compounds as compared to the previous emission class fuel. TNK-BP will invest USD 537m upgrading the Ryazan oil refinery to comply with the Euro-5 standard fuel.

Ryazan has a total capacity of 17 million tonnes of oil per year. Euro-5 currently accounts for 49 per cent of its total output, TNK-BP said. The modernisation project will be implemented between 2012 and 2015.

To remove sulphur compounds from petroleum products the refinery operates two sulphuric acid production units, which allow the utilization of 8 mcm of hydrogen sulphide per hour.

The move toward downstream modernisation comes high on the heels of a new technical motor fuel quality regulation which will be implemented in Russia at the end of December 2012 to enforce a gradual nation-wide transition to Euro-4 and Euro-5 standard gasoline. The Euro-4 and Euro-5 are a new environmental standard aimed at producing less pollutant fuels with lower concentrations of sulphur and aromatics.

In 2012-2015, TNK-BP projects total investment in refinery upgrades to amount to USD 2.5bn.