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Third-party testing contracted for Brazilian refinery

04th April 2012

Inspection, verification, testing and certification company contracted to test Brazilian-based refinery currently under construction

Comprehensive expert testing will take place on Brazilian refinery under

Independent inspection company, SGS has secured a contract by Jaraguá Equipamentos in Brazil to offer third party testing services for the construction of a new refinery, RENEST, in the northeast of the country.

Under the deal, SGS will conduct quality valve and instrumentation calibration and maintenance for twelve months to ensure the quality and safety of the parts involved in the construction.

SGS will also be verifying the calibration of all 12,000 manual valves, including ball, gate and check valves, that require testing before installation.

The leaking test methodology used will confirm with the American Petroleum Institute and Petrobras Standards, with on-site calibration taking place in mobile laboratories.

The contract value has not been disclosed, though SGS said the accuracy of the instruments before installation in the new refinery will reduce the risk of failure and discontinuity of service when the plant begins operation.


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