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Tatneft uses DCP tech to reach 6m crude oil landmark

23rd September 2013

Russian oil firm ties rise in production to increased use of DCP technology

A Russian Tatneft Oil Well
Tatneft's average increase in production per well reaches 3.66 tonnes per day since 2005

Russian oil firm JSC Tatneft announced on Wednesday that the total incremental crude oil production from its wells has gone over 6 million tonnes, with the company emphasising its use of duel completion and production (DCP) as a factor in the landmark.


The company said that there are over 1,300 wells equipped with DCP and dual production and injection (DCP&I) technology with the average increase in crude oil production per well reaching 3.66 tons per day since the beginning of installation operations in 2005.


The wells with DCP are also equipped with integrated downhole measurement systems that allow downhole reservoir pressure in real time mode. With the data that the engineering service of Tatneft receives, they are able to clarify reservoir flow characteristics and optimise the well operation mode.


The DCI method has also been applied to the company’s fields with 525 injection wells operating with applications of the technology.

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