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Soon, the skies will be buzzing. Focus on innovation and global trends in the pipeline industry

13th January 2016

Berlin will be hosting the 9th Annual Pipeline Integrity Management Forum on 15th - 17th March 2016, where you can learn about the latest technologies and innovative solutions regarding pipeline inspections, repairs, data management, robotics, corrosion management and much more…

9th Annual Pipeline Integrity Management Forum
9th Annual Pipeline Integrity Management Forum

Professionals from innovative companies such as Open Grid Europe, Engie and Chevron will be answering such critical questions as: 
What are the latest trends in pipeline integrity, decommissioning, repairs, corrosion management, pigging, ultrasonic inspection, biogas injection and subsea pipelines? 
How can pipeline operators use the latest technologies such as drone applications or robotics for pipeline surveillance?

The sky's the limit for drones and yes, the skies will be buzzing soon. A presentation on the first day of the event about drones as an opportunity for pipeline surveillance will be highlight of the afternoon session.

The second day of the forum is dedicated to the identification of external threats, illegal tapping, pipeline integrity and security issues. A panel discussion on piggable and non-piggable pipelines will close the day.

However, this event is not only an excellent learning and benchmarking opportunity but also an excellent networking opportunity. Last year, more than 30 different companies from 20+ countries attended and, most importantly, 80% of them were operators. With Q&A sessions and an In-Line Inspection workshop, we are looking forward to a unique event format, tailored especially for pipeline operators.

Tackle the challenges of aging pipelines, data collection and networks in densely populated areas: say hello to the future and meet the key European pipeline operators. 

For more information, visit the event website

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