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Sercel launches new land seismic acquisition system

10th October 2013

Sercel launches new 508XT system, which heralds a new paradigm in land seismic acquisition

Sercel launches new land seismic acquisition system
The 508XT combines cables and wireless system technology and integrates new capabilities

Sercel recently launched a new land seismic acquisition system, the 508XT system, designed to enhance crew productivity, operating flexibility and data quality. 


The 508XT system is part of Sercel’s new generation of state-of-the-art land seismic acquisition systems.  It combines cabled and wireless system technologies and integrates several new capabilities. 


During seismic operations, the 508XT offers crews the ability to record up to one million channels in real time, resulting in better image resolution. The system also allows access to data with zero downtime thanks to a new generation of intelligent networking technology. 


Specific features for local data storage, automatic rerouting, and new levels of redundancy and quality control ensure non-stop production. The 508XT accommodates a wide range of sensors (1C or multicomponent, digital or analog).


Pascal Rouiller, CEO of Sercel CEO, said:  “The 508XT ushers in a new era for land seismic data acquisition. It offers unparalleled data quality and integrity for continuous, very rapid acquisition. Its X-Tech architecture combines the best of both wireless and cabled technologies to introduce a new level of acquisition flexibility and operational reliability for all types of geographies, climates and environments.”