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Schlumberger and Ikon Science sign joint software development agreement

30th November 2015

Optimised user experience with innovative quantitative seismic interpretation workflows for improved reservoir characterisation

RokDoc software platform, developed by Ikon Science
RokDoc software platform, developed by Ikon Science

Schlumberger and Ikon Science announced today an agreement to further develop the existing quantitative seismic interpretation capability in the Petrel E&P software platform. The collaboration will make high-value seismic workflows fully available to customers and allow easy access to advanced reservoir characterization tools.

Bringing key capabilities of the RokDoc software platform, developed by Ikon Science, into the Petrel platform will enable geoscientists to derive enhanced geologic understanding from seismic data. The new workflows will democratize what was once considered only an undertaking for specialists, enabling all geoscientists and petroleum engineers to use the workflows for prospect or field development. 

“Based on this agreement, we will co-develop our existing quantitative seismic interpretation technology offering in a complementary way, while continuing to involve WesternGeco, our seismic acquisition and processing business unit, to make these advanced reservoir characterization workflows accessible to more users,” said Uwem Ukpong, president, Software Integrated Solutions, Schlumberger.

“Ikon Science has embraced the application of RokDoc technology using the Petrel platform by developing plug-ins that perform key elements of rock physics, quantitative interpretation (QI) and geopressure workflows. These developments support the Ikon Science vision of providing the next wave of the QI workflows to the geoscientist by optimizing the information extracted from modern seismic and well data,” said Martyn Millwood Hargrave, chief executive officer, Ikon Science. “The collaboration will improve the user’s experience and increase productivity by bringing a suite of key workflows directly integrated from RokDoc to the Petrel quantitative interpretation offering.”

Schlumberger and Ikon Science have worked closely in the past few years to develop innovative workflows for seismic reservoir characterization. Ikon Science is an approved Ocean* software development framework partner and has developed nine plug-ins for the Petrel platform covering key steps of the exploration workflow from well-tie, through rock physics modeling to pore pressure prediction.  

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