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SABIC and Eni joint technology development

08th February 2019

SABIC and Eni will jointly develop a technology for natural gas conversion into synthesis gas, high value fuels and chemicals.

SABIC and Eni signed a Joint Development Agreement today, in San Donato Milanese, Italy,  to further develop an innovative technology for natural gas conversion into synthesis gas, and high value fuels and chemicals such as methanol.


The partnership, will involve among other activities, the construction of a Commercial Demonstration Plant. This unit will be built and jointly operated inside of the Eni Taranto refinery.  

The development project will advance the technology, which is based on the short contact time catalytic partial oxidation of methane.  This technology was initially developed by ENI after long and intensive R&D period, involving fundamental and experimental activities.  This was coupled with SABIC’s short contact time reactor R&D and the company’s extensive knowledge of the integration of synthesis gas generation into processes to produce derived chemicals.

The joint technology will be a truly innovative way of making synthesis gas and integration into high value applications to achieve lower CAPEX and OPEX, higher energy efficiency, lower CO2 footprint and wide feedstock flexibility.

With this agreement, SABIC and Eni will be able to leverage world class R&D and operational experience to enable the success of the project.

The agreement was signed by Fahad Al-Sherehy, Acting, Executive Vice President Technology and Innovation (SABIC), Giuseppe Tannoia, Executive Vice President Research & Development, and Giacomo Rispoli, Executive Vice President Licensing & Supply (Eni).

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