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R.STAHL TRANBERG lLaunches TRANBERG® BlueLine lighting series

04th June 2019

TRANBERG® BlueLine Lighting Series represents highest standards in quality, cost-effective marine lighting for today’s modern ships and delivers reduced CAPEX/OPEX through easy installation and no maintenance.

R.STAHL TRANBERG, a leading provider of marine lighting and electrical heating services and part of the R.STAHL GROUP, today announced the launch of the TRANBERG® BlueLine Lighting Series – a portfolio of high quality, cost-effective and next generation lighting for the maritime sector. The announcement was made at Nor-Shipping 2019, taking place in Oslo from June 4 to 7, 2019.

The BlueLine Series, which consists of navigation lights, searchlights, floodlights and deck lights for all kinds of vessels, has been designed to provide marine operators with a world-class quality standard in marine lighting. The series provides the very latest safety, sustainability and connectivity standards required for today’s modern ship designs, including autonomous ships.

Thomas Linkenheil, Managing Director of R.STAHL TRANBERG said: “The TRANBERG® BlueLine Lighting Series is a real milestone for R.STAHL TRANBERG. Not only are we giving operators complete peace of mind on safety and a world quality standard in marine lighting, but we are also meeting the growing demand for remote control and sustainable systems, which are crucial to the autonomous ships of the future.”

He continues: “Building on the work we are currently doing in supporting autonomous ships and our 118-year history reputation for quality maritime solutions, we see the BlueLine Lighting Series as representing the very best in cost-effective and exceptional marine lighting now and for many years to come.”

The latest innovations in LED-based marine lighting within the TRANBERG® BlueLine Series ensures easy installation, a small footprint (light weight design), high availability, no maintenance, and compatibility with existing infrastructure. Features include:

The highest quality, sustainable materials including seawater resistant aluminium and glass lenses for the navigation lights and floodlights;
No maintenance through a simplified plug and play, modular designs for ease of installation, and unmatched availability through – in the case of navigation lights – their self-monitoring capabilities. This leads to significantly reduced CAPEX and OPEX;
Greater compatibility with existing and future control systems and the ability to maximize future intelligent connectivity within the OpenBridge framework (of which R.STAHL TRANBERG is a consortium member) – an open platform that provides better and safer user interfaces on ships, simplifies multi-vendor integration and opens the ship bridge for new applications;
The highest levels of sustainability  with new streamlined lighting designs that have smaller environmental footprints, 100% LED lighting, and the ability to easily upgrade to leverage future LED lighting advances; and
Increased functionalities and greater flexibility and resolution in searchlight operations, with the ability to move faster and incorporate both vertical and horizontal movements when following objects on the water – vital for improved safety.  

In addition, R.STAHL TRANBERG has also two patents pending based around its navigation and searchlights.