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Robotics technology set for Perth

19th March 2018

THE newest technology and robotics equipment from around the world will descend on Perth later this week at the Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference (AOG).

The new products will be exclusively released by Perth-based robotic inspection and equipment provider Nexxis. According to the company’s founder and managing director Jason De Silveira the standout feature on show will be a new miniature crawler that traverses the inside of pipes and ducts.

“There’s no doubt the nature and capability of our equipment displayed will attract the attention of most delegates, in particular the miniature crawler is one item that’ll definitely be eye-catching,” Mr De Silveira said.
“Fundamentally the new products being released are to provide oil and gas, one of Australia’s major industries, with a greater range of choice, that’s only possible through our extensive network of global partners.

For the past five years Nexxis has forged a reputation with tier one oil and gas operators and contractors of providing the most innovative robotics, Non Destructive Testing and Remote Visual Inspections equipment. The company complements its technical solutions with a global collaboration network of partners lead by Inuktun, Crystal-Cam, ViZaar and Eddyfi.

“Through our connections the local oil and gas industry has access to the world’s best gear, and we’re looking forward to meeting and sharing more details about what’s possible for their projects and companies at the conference.”

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