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Record Norwegian gas sales

15th March 2012

Optimistic future for Norwegian gas sales after highest ever figure recorded in January.

Gas sales on the up

An average of 11.2bn standard cubic metres (Sm3) of gas in January was sold per day from the Norwegian shelf, according to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD).

“One important factor for the record-high sales is that it is winter and there is a great demand for gas in the market – and the Norwegian shelf has a considerable delivery capacity,” said deputy director general Johannes Kjøde.

Gas sales from the Norwegian shelf are expected to remain high in the future. For example, the Gjøa field in the North Sea will continue full force again following a period of reduced production due to problems with vibrations from the risers.

“We expect gas sales to remain at about the same level as in 2010, or maybe higher. Last year the gas sale declined somewhat, without any clear reason for this in the market. We expected increase compared with 2011 is 5,4 billion Sm3. According to the NPS's forecast, 2012 will be a new peak year”, said Kjøde.

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