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Quartzdyne Experiences Global Acceptance of Quartz And Piezo Memory Tools, Industry-Leading Products To Be Featured At OTC

25th April 2018

Quartzdyne, a leading producer of pressure transducers for the oil-and-gas industry, is pleased to report that industry-wide acceptance continues to grow for its new Quartz and Piezo Memory Tools, which were released to the market in April, 2017.

Quartzdyne will be featuring its Quartz and Piezo Memory Tools in Booth No. 4533 at the upcoming Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), which will be held from April 30-May 3 at NRG Park in Houston, TX. Oilfield operators who would like to learn more about the memory-gauge tools that, by all indications, are rapidly establishing a new industry standard in performance and reliability, will have that opportunity at the show.

Since their release, the Quartz and Piezo Memory Tools have been deployed in oilfield operations around the world, including in the United States, Middle East, South America, Asia and Europe. The positive feedback that has been received from the field has focused on the easy-to-use software packages, the high quality that Quartzdyne products have long been known for, and strong sales and customer-service support.

 “We are humbled by the rapid industry-wide acceptance that the Quartz and Piezo Memory Tools have attained globally.” said Glenn Small, President of Quartzdyne. “We believe this acceptance can be attributed to the fact that these products were developed with the same commitment to quality, reliability and durability that are the hallmark of all of Quartzdyne’s other hydrocarbon-recovery products. Many of those products have performed without fail for more than two decades, and we are confident that our channel partners who have so readily accepted these new memory-gauge tools will experience the same high level of performance and reliability over their many, many years of use.”

The Quartz and Piezo Memory Tools are setting a new standard in memory-gauge accuracy and durability because they have been designed to monitor high-temperature and high-pressure surveys with more sensitive response, while simultaneously detecting interference and buildup in standard operational workflows. The memory gauge features a high-accuracy quartz pressure sensor, 200ºC (392ºF)-rated hybrid circuit, long-lasting lithium battery, welded circuit enclosure, metal-to-metal seal and a side-port connector for easy access.

To learn more about the new Quartz and Piezo Memory Tools, and how Quartzdyne can work with you to improve your downhole operations, please stop by Booth No. 5033 at the upcoming OTC show, or visit

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