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Protecting the pipelines

20th November 2016

With attacks on oil and gas supply utilities on the rise in 2016, innovative security measures should be implemented to prevent critical damage to the afflicted company as well as affected economies.

Attacks on utility sites such as pipelines can be devastating
Attacks on utility sites such as pipelines can be devastating

A Militant group native to Nigeria, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) has claimed responsibility for a terror attack in October against a pipeline as well as a more recent attack on another Forcados pipeline last week. This most recent attack involved the detonation of explosives on a Trans Forcados Export Pipeline in the creeks of Warri South West Council Area of Delta State. These militants claimed responsibility on numerous social media channels and claim that they have many other pipeline targets planned for the future.

Attacks on utility sites such as pipelines can be devastating on the community, the afflicted company, as well as the targeted country’s economy. The revenue loss and repair costs alone are detrimental, not to mention if a person or people are in the line of fire; as such, higher levels of security should be implemented in order to prevent these attacks from reoccurring.

Electro Optical Industries offers a solution to address this lapse in security; the industry-leading Spynel thermal imaging system. The Spynel cameras are unique, 360-degree thermal imaging systems that take wide-area surveillance to the next level, giving an early intrusion alert to an unlimited number of targets, such as: crawling men, small wooden boats, RHIBs, UAVs, stealth aircrafts, etc. at distances of up to 30 km, depending on the threat. With a stand-alone, persistent surveillance system that’s previously been deployed to protect critical infrastructures all over the world, Spynel would be able to detect intruders well in advance to allow operators to take precautionary action before they have a chance to inflict damage upon the pipeline.



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