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OMV Norway signs 3-year frame agreement with Aptomar

29th November 2015

OMV Norway has signed a three-year frame agreement with Aptomar to deliver its integrated field monitoring services for the operator’s future drilling activities.

Aptomar’s 24/7 environmental monitoring services
Aptomar’s 24/7 environmental monitoring services

As part of the frame agreement OMV will have access to the Aptomar’s 24/7 environmental monitoring services. Aptomarin, the Aptomar maritime control center, will on behalf of OMV manage the task of 24/7 monitoring, reporting and detection of unintended oil spills. This includes all required sensors, procedures and training of both onshore and offshore crew, delivered as part of the service. 

“We are proud that OMV Norway has chosen to extend our cooperation. We delivered the Clean To Operate monitoring already on the first Wisting drilling campaign in the Barents sea back in 2013, and have since then been privileged to work with OMV on their activities on the Norwegian shelf”, says Lars Solberg, chief sales and marketing officer of Aptomar. 

Aptomarin delivers 24/7 monitoring, documentation and reporting of the absence of oil spills, known as Clean To Operate (CTO) reporting, and ensures detection, verification and documentation of actual oil spills,. In addition to detect, report and track large accumulations of birds and mammals. The Aptomarin environmental services are fully applicable for both production and drilling activities, where they take all responsibility for the quality of the detection and reporting. Aptomarin also delivers round the clock monitoring and detection of objects and vessels on collision course, which can be combined with the CTO monitoring. 

“Never has detection, documentation and reporting with regards to unintended oil spills been easier, more operational and more cost efficient. Having a supplier like Aptomar to take the responsibility for meeting the license requirements is a service the oil companies have requested for a long time. Having Aptomarin documenting that there are no spills from on-going operation, or documenting that a detected spill is from passing traffic and not own operation, saves time and money for both the onshore and offshore crew,” says Solberg. 

The monitoring, reporting and sensor packages that are used are chosen based on an ALARP approach, focusing on achieving a reasonable cost-benefit level. Through the service the operator gets full access to a CTO web portal where all hourly, daily and weekly reports are available. If an oil spill is detected, the offshore installation is notified, and a common operating picture shared by the operator, NOFO and the Norwegian Coastal Authority is established. The oil spill combating can then commence. 

“Our customers are often surprised by the cost efficient nature of our services. Although the quality of monitoring, reporting and documentation is superior, our service fees stand comparison with rental costs for hand-held IR cameras, as an example,” says Solberg.

In addition, Aptomarin takes responsibility for all equipment, training of offshore personnel, maintenance and reporting. Everything delivered as a turn-key solution, at a low daily or monthly fee. 

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