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Olympus IPLEX G Lite – Go anywhere, inspect anywhere

21st June 2018

Designed to be taken anywhere, Olympus’ durable, lightweight IPLEX G Lite videoscope helps inspectors see clearly during challenging inspections, such as inside engines and pipes. With bright, powerful illumination and easy articulation, the IPLEX G Lite produces sharp images and videos for confidence in inspections and reliable reporting.

Olympus IPLEX G Lite

Well suited to the often-adverse conditions of industrial inspections, the durable, rugged design of the newly launched Olympus IPLEX G Lite means this videoscope thrives where others fail. It carries an IP65 rating and is resistant to rain, high humidity, salt fog, dust, freezing rain, and even electromagnetic or explosive environments. The IPLEX G Lite is also extremely lightweight (1.15 kg) and can be easily carried and operated with one hand.

Despite its compact size, the IPLEX G Lite does not compromise on illumination. Its bright LED light source has twice the light intensity of its predecessor so that large, dark spaces can be inspected with bright, detailed images. Furthermore, the PulsarPic image processor automatically optimises lighting conditions, while WiDER image processing maximises contrast in dark areas for increased probability of detection.

To expand the optical capabilities of the IPLEX G Lite even further, interchangeable ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) lighting options are available. With UV illumination, inspectors can detect fine scratches that are hard to see with the naked eye; IR illumination works well in security applications when capturing images without using a source of visible light.

Enabling fast and easy operation, the IPLEX G Lite features TrueFeel fully electric articulation – an intuitive way to manoeuvre through narrow spaces. Good manoeuvrability helps inspectors to save time on inspections by accessing hard-to-reach areas more quickly and capturing detailed images. When working in oily environments, oil-clearing design on all standard direct view tip adaptors uses capillary action to redirect oil from the lens surface – thereby increasing visibility and reducing total inspection time.

Providing clearer images, even of moving objects, the new video function on the IPLEX G Lite features smooth 60 fps recording. It also allows images to be taken while recording a video, which makes it easy to create a large number of images for a report without having to start and stop the recording.

Thanks to its lightweight, rugged design, bright illumination and easy articulation, the Olympus IPLEX G Lite is well suited for fast, detailed inspections in hard-to-reach places. These benefits, combined with convenient touchscreen controls, wireless live video sharing and powerful measurement capabilities, give inspectors the freedom to go anywhere – and inspect anywhere.

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