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KADME entering Brazilian market with IesBrazil

24th May 2013

KADME's partnership with IesBrazil to help expansion of sofware platform Whereoil to Brazilian market

KADME entering Brazilian market with IesBrazil
IesBrazil believes Whereoil will become their prime offering for oil and gas data management software and solutions in Brazil

KADME, a provider of information management software and services to the oil and gas industry, has signed a contract with Brazilian onsulting and services company IesBrazil to broaden its presence in Brazil. KADME and IesBrazil will present this new partnership at the 13th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society, taking place this August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

KADME AS is best known for Whereoil, a software platform that identifies, connects and presents information from across the organisation. KADME will bring its innovative products and services to better serve the information management needs of the oil and gas industry operating in Brazil.

Gianluca Monachese, KADME’s founder and director of business development said the company has been interested in entering the Brazilian market for some time. “Many of our clients have interests in Brazil, and we see a great opportunity to introduce Whereoil in this dynamic market. Expect to see excitement at what our product can do to expose data so that it can be used in new, valuable ways.”

IesBrazil plans to introduce Whereoil to the Brazilian market. The Brazilian company believes this technology will become their prime offering for oil and gas data management software and solutions in Brazil.

IesBrazil’s president Carlos Eiffel Arbex Belem explained: “Oil and gas companies are trying to find better ways to access and use their vast stores of information, and the Whereoil software platform offers the best capabilities for leveraging value from structured and unstructured data. We anticipate data managers, E&P managers, G&G departments, asset and portfolio managers will be interested in what Whereoil can do for their business.”

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