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Gazprom targets new small- and large-scale LNG markets

27th November 2013

Russian gas giant aiming to expand its stake in LNG by supplying small- and large-scale amounts of the super cooled gas to new markets

Gazprom targets new small- and large-scale LNG markets
LNG carrier. Copyright: Gazprom

Now a participant of the global LNG trade, which compliments its pipeline supply, Gazprom aims to provide small- and large-scale liquified natural gas (LNG) to international markets, the company announced on Tuesday, as part of plans to increase its stake in the growing business for the super cooled gas.


Gazprom is focusing its main efforts for expanding large-scale LNG exports on the fast-growing Asia-Pacific market, where the company plans to step up its presence by increasing its LNG production.


Gazprom's international LNG activities will also focus on the supply of small-scale LNG, to be used as a motor and marine vehicle fuel as well as for household and industrial consumers.


Gazprom is developing its LNG sales and transportation segments. The Russian gas giant now supplies over 10 countries with LNG.


Moscow is seeking to increase Russia's share in the global LNG trade. The country's lower house of parliament on Friday gave a green light to a measure which, if approved by the upper house and president Vladimir Putin, will allow not only Gazprom but some of its competitors to ship LNG to the Asian market.