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Gazprom commissions Yelets–Shchekino gas trunkline

12th February 2013

The Yelets – Shchekino gas trunkline will double the gas throughput of the North Caucasus – Center gas trunkline system and increase supplies to Russia’s central regions

Gazprom commissions Yelets–Shchekino gas trunkline
The Yelets – Shchekino gas trunkline has 1,220 millimeters in diameter and more than 160 kilometers in total length

Gazprom has commissioned the final section of a major gas trunkline system, which will cater to the increasing gas needs of Russia’s central regions.

A ceremony was held in Sotsialistichesky, Tula, the south of Moscow to mark the commissioning of the retrofitted Yelets – Shchekino gas trunkline. Gas trunklines are pipelines specifically designed for the long-distance transmission of natural gas from production to consumption points.

The Yelets – Shchekino gas trunkline has 1,220 millimetres in diameter and more than 160 kilometres in total length, Gazprom said. Its commissioning completed the retrofitting of the national North Caucasus – Center gas trunkline system, which secures the transmission of more than 27 billion cubic metres.

With the final section of the North Caucasus – Center gas trunkline system coming onstream, the throughput of the network will double, reaching 108.2 million cubic metres per day, which will increase gas supplies to Russia’s central regions. Gazprom aims to increase gas transmission to Tula and Moscow by an additional 1.7 billion cubic metres of gas per annum.

The trunkline is located within the Gazprom Transgaz Moscow operating area. A subsidiary of state-owned gas giant Gazprom, Gazprom Transgaz Moscow supplies gas to 14 regions of European Russia and foreign countries. Of its 275 billion cubic metres per annum in gas supplies, roughly a third – some 90 billion cubic metres – go to Russian consumers.