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eDrilling launches simulator for drilling and well engineering

08th December 2015

eDrilling has announced that they have launched a simulator for drilling and well engineering and training of all engineering disciplines, to help the industry with efficient and safe well delivery.

wəllSim Interact
wəllSim Interact

wellSim Interact represents the ultimate training/engineering system to provide high-fidelity feedback from the well, responding in real time on interactive user input.  This gives drilling- and well engineers unparalleled insight and understanding of well behavior at various conditions and control input, which would otherwise require years of operational experience.

“Configured with a specific well, this innovative product provides a platform to ensure safe, effective and efficient well delivery for any planned well,” adds Tor Olav Schibevaag, eDrilling’s CEO. “The risk areas can be pre-run in the simulator, and the teams can train on potential malfunctions occurring during critical operations.”

Multi-disciplinary teams can study the dynamic well behavior for details of the plan, and verify that plans and procedures are optimal and safe. You will reduce NPT by better planning, improved risk management and better operational decision support. It enables  downhole optimization (drilling parameters for optimum performance and safety, to avoid problems, etc., as well as downhole problem solving (interactive scenario simulations and decision support, testing technical limits, verifying procedures, etc.). Finally, it allows for multi-disciplinary collaborative sessions (drill-well-on-simulator, design reviews, etc.)

The product is named wəllSim Interact, and it is an integral part of eDrilling’s Life Cycle Drilling Simulation concept - advanced dynamic drilling models and diagnosis technology merged with 3D visualization into a “virtual wellbore”

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