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Digitalisation increases business value of E&P data

24th October 2018

The IT industry is experiencing an important transformation as companies invest in new technologies to drive growth and innovation

Facies classification
Facies classification clustering results from supervised machine learning analysis shown in a 3D colour crossplot generated using Python Extensions in PowerLog (image courtesy of CGG GeoSoftware).

This trend is strongly reflected in the geoscience industry as E&P companies deal with enormous amounts of legacy and increasing volumes of new data along with the expense and complexity of software to analyse and interpret this information. Challenges faced include operational efficiency, increasingly short project cycle times, communicating with a regional or global workforce, data silos, legacy software and restricted resources 

The Cloud
Due to the industry’s dynamics and its need for flexibility and information security, the cloud is increasingly seen as a viable and practical solution for the oil and gas industry, particularly now that Cloud service providers are building security into their software development processes. Security of data in the Cloud is often better today than in company’s own networks.

As part of this shift to the Cloud, GeoSoftware will be offering existing applications in the Cloud as well as continuing to make them available on currently supported platforms. In phase one, HampsonRussell and Jason will be available from a client’s Microsoft Azure Cloud. This includes compute-intensive GeoSoftware applications used for inversion and AVO analysis not only being multi-CPU enabled but being able to access Cloud compute power. If a hundred node cluster is needed to complete projects quickly, GeoSoftware applications can automatically provision this in the Cloud, execute tasks in parallel and then tear down the virtual cluster to make sure that users only pay for the cloud infrastructure when needed. In addition, PowerLog can be accessed from the Cloud today through PetroCubic. 

Future GeoSoftware developments will include commercialisation with other Cloud providers like Amazon (AWS) and Google (GCP) and software re-design to take full advantage of the Cloud and provide a Software-as-a-Service model.

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