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Demand for young talent and innovation in the Tank Storage Industry

13th March 2018

Talent development and innovation are key topics at StocExpo Europe’s new “Innovation in Storage” Programme

With the rapid development of digitisation, artificial intelligence and Big Data, the oil and gas industry is being impacted by the advancement of technology. As a result, this has driven a demand for innovative solutions and new talent within the sector to keep abreast of these changes. As technology plays an increasing role in everyday business operations, it is the development of skills in the younger generation that is required. The oil and gas sector needs to invest in young talent from both outside and inside the industry, however attracting younger and more digitally savvy talent is sometimes challenging.

StocExpo Europe takes place next week, from 20-22 March at Ahoy Rotterdam, and has launched a new “Innovation in Storage” programme which is open to all visitors. This will consist of workshops and presentations to ensure professionals keep ahead of industry standards and regulations and learn how to develop best practice within their businesses.

The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA) will be leading the first day with five workshop sessions highlighting procedures and techniques of tank maintenance, safe storage and efficient operation strategies. Some of the sessions will be looking into guidance such as the EEMUA 159, risk based inspection, reliability centred maintenance, future technology, plastic tanks and the tank turnaround procedure.

Nandish Velani, Technical Executive at EEMUA highlights, “There are various types of tanks that have been designed and operated over many years, and as many of these tanks become older, the pool of people with knowledge and experience required to maintain and operate them efficiently and effectively is seen to be diminishing. There is young talent out there, who can not only learn from the experts on what is existing but apply a new and more efficient approach to these processes. It is about giving the opportunity to those individuals to have a voice”.

Day two of the Innovation in Storage programme will be led by iTanks, a knowledge and innovation platform for the tank storage sector. This workshop consists of five sessions running throughout the day, presenting and debating various topics ranging from the future of robotics to sustainability within the tank storage industry. People are also an important part of the process and sharing knowledge can contribute to innovation. Cor van de Linde, Founder & Managing Director of iTanks comments "Without innovation, there is no future. Innovation is key for successful business strategies".

Day three will see the launch of a new Engineers of the Future Programme, which will host top engineering students and graduates from local universities. These students will take part in workshops and CV clinics to gain an insight into a career within the oil, gas & petrochemical storage industry. They will also be given the valuable opportunity to hear directly from potential employers who are currently seeking new talent to join their company.

As the industry is rapidly changing, innovation and investment in technology is increasingly important for those working within the tank storage industry to keep up. It is crucial for the oil and gas sector to adapt to these changes and invest in young talent that can contribute new ways of thinking.