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DEEPA™ Boosts Oil production from mature vertical wells by up to 250%

28th August 2018

Treatment from Cleansorb increases Matrix Permeability of Wells in Canada


Cleansorb, a leading provider of chemical well treatments that enhance hydrocarbon production for the international oil and gas industry, today announced that it dramatically increased oil production by up to 250% from mature vertical wells in Canada by treating them with a DEEPA™ formulation that increases the matrix permeability of the rock and simultaneously remediates nearby wellbore damage.

These mature vertical wells, which have been producing for nearly 40 years, are located in the carbonate Swan Hills Formation in Canada, and had a slight tendency to accumulate scale near the wellbore. “To address this issue and enhance production, the customer wanted to investigate novel approaches to treat their assets, so opted to treat them with DEEPA, which we developed to dissolve scale and enhance matrix permeability of the rock,” said Ian McKay, Director & Co-founder of Cleansorb.

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