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Czechs open Russian gas import pipeline

17th January 2013

The Czech Republic has opened a pipeline that provides an alternate route for Russian gas imports

A 166 km pipeline will give the Czech Republic and other EU member states better access to gas distributed via Nord Stream

A gas pipeline project, worth 10 billion koruna (USD 519 million), providing the Czech Republic instant access to Russian gas, has been opened. Czech prime minister, Petr Necas opened the so-called Gazelle project on 13 January. At 166 km long, it connects the Czech Republic to Nord Stream, a pipeline that crosses the Baltic Sea and brings natural gas from Russia's Siberia. It was built by the pipeline operator Net4GaS. Through the Czech Republic, the gas will flow on to southern Germany and France. EU member states have been seeking new ways to secure gas supplies since Russian shipments transported through Ukrainian pipelines were cut off in January 2009 due to a dispute between the two countries.

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