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Cutting edge technology developers enhancing AR capabilities for oil and gas

31st January 2018

Aberdeen-based Return To Scene Limited, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, continues to push boundaries in visualisation and data solutions for oil and gas.

Pushing boundaries in visualisation

Having completed a successful prototyping phase late last year, Return To Scene and Mozenix are now developing a mobile AR application, R2S AR, to support the digitisation and automation of oil and gas.  Return To Scene, which is part of James Fisher & Sons plc, works with global giants such as BP and ConocoPhillips, delivering its award-winning visual asset management and data solutions.

Return To Scene’s  Head of Product Development & Support Martin MacRae commented:

“Offshore oil and gas assets are complex, adaptive structures with a constant flow of actions being undertaken by international teams. The systems which enable these actions are underpinned by asset registers which are represented by physical tags attached to equipment. The location of these tags, and the ability to visualise data in a certain way, is crucially important. This is where AR technology, and specifically Mozenix unique software delivery capability can solve a myriad of challenges.”

Mozenix CEO Michael Romilly continued:

“We’re delighted to be working with Return To Scene on such a highly innovative AR initiative. What we’re seeing with new mobile AR apps today, is very similar to what we witnessed over a decade ago when Apple launched the first iPhone. AR technology leverages untapped value by using the smartphone’s camera to create new immersive experiences and solve complex process efficiency challenges. It’s a great time for innovative companies such as Return To Scene to be investing in these types of projects, as the rewards for early adopters in certain sectors can be significant”.