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Chinese company orders advanced gas turbines

22nd June 2012

Global infrastructure developer Black & Veatch has been selected by Harbin Electric Company Limited to help deliver three combined cycle power plants in China

A new combined cycle power plant will deploy a level of combustion turbine technology that has yet to feature in mainland China

Chinese energy company, Harbin Electric Company Limited has commissioned Black & Veatch to deliver three plants which will produce approximately 3,000 megawatts (MW) of low emissions gas-fired electricity and alleviate industrial power and steam supply shortages

The plants will deploy advanced gas turbine technology and are located in Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province and the Beijing region.

“We are entering what many consider to be a golden age for natural gas powered plants and we’re seeing accelerated advances in China,” said Dr Suqing Wang, Senior Project Manager for Black & Veatch’s global energy business.

“The three plants will feature heavy-duty combustion turbines. The Gaojing combined cycle power plant will deploy a level of combustion turbine technology that has yet to feature in mainland China.”

Black & Veatch’s expertise will focus on delivering the high-end turbine technology that will be deployed at the three projects. On all projects, Black & Veatch will design the turbine island balance-of-plant systems and turbine pedestals. The company will also prepare the auxiliary equipment’s technical specifications and installation drawings, and provide overall turbine package interface engineering support.

While commissioned by Harbin Electric, the plants are owned and operated by three of the largest state-owned independent power producers (IPP): the Banshan plant by Huadian Group; Hengqin plant by China Power Investment Group; and Gaojing plant by Datang Group. Black & Veatch will work closely with all three owners to ensure smooth project execution and timely delivery of the plants.

“We are seeing more and more adoption of a mix of next generation power generation technologies in China. Co-generation is just one technology gathering momentum alongside, for example, advanced wind and solar,” said Dean Oskvig, President and CEO of Black & Veatch’s global energy business.

Black & Veatch has partnered with Harbin Electric since 2002.


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