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China increases investments in plant pollution control systems

11th April 2012

China is increasing its level of bid requests for power plants and industrial units that can control emissions.

China is investing in new ways to curb emissions from its major power plans

Two Chinese companies have commissioned air pollution control (APC) systems worth USD 2.0m from leading clean technology company Fuel Tech Inc.

Two orders were received from China for combustion and emissions control systems for utility and industrial applications, Fuel Tech announced on 11 April. The names of the companies are not yet public.

The first order, placed by a major utility and existing customer, is for two medium-sized units that are being retrofitted with nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction technology.

The second order, placed by a new customer, is for two large-sized units being retrofitted with NOx control technology.

Fuel Tech’s ULTRA process provides for the safe and cost-effective on-site conversion of urea to ammonia for use as a reagent in the selective catalytic reduction of NOx, according to the company. This can eliminate the hazards associated with the transport, storage and handling of anhydrous or aqueous ammonia.

Equipment deliveries for these projects are expected to occur in the second half of this year.

Fuel Inc chief, Douglas G. Bailey said: “We are pleased to see continued adoption of Fuel Tech’s proprietary ULTRA technology and are witnessing an increasing level of bid requests for power plants and industrial units throughout China.

“As more SCR systems are installed to comply with the NOx reduction requirements of the nation’s 12th Five-Year Plan, we anticipate an expanding market opportunity and additional orders for our proven technology,” he added.