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CGG extends Oklahoma coverage with Yukon multi-client survey

06th February 2018

CGG has completed acquisition of its Yukon 3D multi-client survey in Canadian County, Oklahoma. The 219-square-mile full-azimuth data set is designed to image the Stack play of the Anadarko Basin west of Oklahoma City.

Imaging efforts will focus on gaining a better understanding of the facies distribution of the Meramec, Osage and Woodford play intervals. A preliminary prestack time-migrated (PSTM) product is due for completion in March. A final PSTM, incorporating orthorhombic anisotropy, with 5D regularization and interpolation of azimuths and offsets, will be delivered in the second quarter of 2018. This high-end processing workflow will pave the way for a full Reservoir Optimization Package (ROP).

To enhance reservoir characterization, ROPs aid understanding by delivering state-of-the-art reservoir-oriented subsurface imaging and enhanced reservoir description, utilizing CGG’s RoqScan™ rock physics workflows. This leads to predictive model generation of key properties that control production, including spatial reservoir quality, permeability, porosity and reservoir thickness. These are then used to create calibrated geomechanical models including geostatistical inversion for completion optimization.

Luc Schlumberger, EVP, Multi-Client & New Ventures, CGG, said: “Our Yukon survey marks another stage in our regional expansion in the Anadarko Basin. This is an area where we are seeing strong industry support for improved imaging and we believe our state-of-the-art processing and full Reservoir Optimization Package will give greater insight into the numerous targets of the Devonian to Pennsylvanian age.”  

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