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Case Study: Petrobras and RigNet's Intelie Live

09th January 2019

The acquisition of Intelie accelerated RigNet’s strategy to move up the network stack for the development of valuable enterprise applications powered by highly differentiated data analysis.

Over the past two years, RigNet has focused on successfully executing on our strategy and have become “the” premier remote communications provider offering leading solutions for cybersecurity, real time machine learning based AI and intelligent broadband in the energy sector. 


The Petrobras team focuses on investing and developing technologies to improve well safety and reduce well costs. The R&D team works with the offshore well construction group to continuously optimize the drilling process and better understand areas for cost savings and safety improvements.


Petrobras team had a good understanding of the type of analyses that would drive increased safety and reduced costs, but the data governance and analytical tools were not developed enough to allow the team to effectively perform these analyses. More specifically, the team faced the following challenges:

Data taxonomy was inconsistent;
Accessing data and sharing knowledge was challenging because data was stored across different stakeholders;
Different analyses required different software programs; Developing custom analyses was time consuming;
Data collection interruptions went unnoticed;

The SOLUTION:  Intelie Live

Intelie’s RTO Live analytics platform helped Petrobras solve its data governance and analytics challenges. Intelie’s data governance platform allowed Petrobras to efficiently consolidate all their service providers’ data, enabling access from a single point and it automatically recodes the data to ensure a consistent taxonomy. The Intelie platform continuously monitors data streams from service providers and alerts users when data transmissions are offline.

Intelie’s RTO Live analytics platform also houses a library of analysis modules, eliminating the need of the traditional usage of multiple software resources for performing analyses. The flexibility and customization of the platform allowed Petrobras to quickly develop custom analyses as required.


Petrobras’ Real-time Operation Center assisted the development of Libra oil-field wells using Intelie software.

By implementing Intelie’s data governance solution, Petrobras immediately saved 90% of costs when compared to the previous software, in an order of magnitude of millions of R$ in the first year. These savings do not yet include the cost reduction from drilling operations. The solution made it feasible to achieve current savings by allowing Petrobras to:

Reduce data costs from field services companies;
Reduce data request cycle times (from days to seconds);
Perform both standard and more customized analyses in less time and with lower software licensing costs;
Guarantee delivery of data from service providers and ensuring data standards compliance;

The Intelie solution allowed Petrobras to identify and address potential well issues with greater accuracy and speed, while reducing the overall data and analytics costs.


“Our motivation to use RTO-Live is cost reduction. The new tool allowed us to save about R$ 10 million in 2016. This estimate still does not include the potential drilling optimization (drilling time reduction and drilling cost reduction). The tool also helps the company to identify real time data transmission problems, such as wrong unit conversions. The application also allows the integration of different specialist systems, such  as Pronova and PWDa (Petrobras’ real time drilling operational problem diagnostic software). The system is being successfully implemented in Petrobras and helps the Decision Support Centers personnel to make quick and accurate decisions. The Intelie software is very user friendly, flexible and is a unique tool in the Oil and Gas industry.”


HOW IT WORKS: Intelie Live Solution for Oil & Gas Companies

Intelie Live is capable of collecting data from any source, whether from geology to BOP, it is able to process all these data feeds in real-time (filter, aggregate, correlate, enrich) and transform it into actionable information. The platform combines the power and flexibility of Intelie Pipes, one of the world’s most advanced stream processing and query language, with an easy to use interface for the end user.

Intelie Live oil & gas solution can provide an organization with:

Automated data mapping tool and data inconsistency alerts. It has a library of analyses modules within single, integrated platform. It also supplies flexible and extensible coding language and visualization tools.
Ability to analyze data in real-time to immediately identify potential drilling problems.
Standard set of off-the-shelf solutions to meet the majority of analysis and KPI metric needs.
Rule based algorithm that checks for data completeness and metric consistency; automated report that provides evidence of data completeness.

This real-time data visualization gives users the insights needed to improve operational intelligence. Its continuous monitoring scenarios and predictive analytics also delivers alerts with information needed to prevent problems and foresee opportunities:

Saving time and money by easily accessing data and insights through a single source;
Minimize interruption of data collection and ensure data quality;
Reduce non-productive time through early identification of potential drilling issues;
Reduce time and costs of acquiring complete and usable data by ensuring field service companies stay data compliant.




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