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Air and gas dryers: maximising your return on investment

29th November 2015

Through its Delair brand, SPX FLOW has a long history in the supply of high performance, reliable air and gas drying systems to the oil and gas industry.

Delair air and gas drying systems
Delair air and gas drying systems

When installations are specified and originally engineered there is a clear focus on ensuring the best efficiencies and performance in line with the project needs and budget. The best return on investment (ROI), however, comes from managing the installation throughout its lifetime to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Delair air and gas drying systems are used in a wide range of applications across oil and gas processes. These include instrument air dryers to provide a clean, dry supply to protect pneumatic instruments and processes; compressed natural gas (CNG) dryers; nitrogen drying and generation systems for blanket storage and purge needs, and inert gas dryers for LNG carriers. Systems are carefully designed and precisely engineered to meet the needs of each individual application and to offer efficiency, safety and reliability.

Once the system is installed and commissioned by an SPX FLOW specialist it is at the beginning of its working life and it can start to work for the operator to return their initial investment by helping to maximize production capacity, performance, efficiency and throughput. SPX FLOW partners with its customers to ensure they get the best value from their system throughout its lifetime with tailored, strategic services designed to maximize ROI while ensuring ongoing reliability and safety.

The relationship SPX FLOW offers spans every aspect of the installation. It works with the site operators to help educate and enhance their capability in getting the most from their system. Of course services include preventative maintenance, rapid response 24/7 repair services and strategic spares management; but SPX FLOW believes that a close relationship means it can deliver much more by continuing to add real value to the system. It has the expertise and experience to fully understand operating conditions and requirements, to ask the questions the customer may not even think of, and to proactively ensure optimized performance, reliability and safety throughout the system’s life.

Optimized performance and reliability could not be more critical than it is in many oil and gas applications. Should a compressor fail, for example, because of moisture in the gas flow; the costs in lost production could be enormous. Lost revenue caused by equipment failure can be avoided by initial investment in system maintenance. In the same way someone investing in a performance car would ensure it had quality service and care, the services SPX FLOW offers means the advanced technology within its Delair systems will continue to provide superior performance for the plant. 

As well as promoting best practice to protect a system throughout its life, SPX FLOW’s proactive services also extend to ensuring systems grow with a plant’s needs. This may be simply by ensuring an installation is kept up to date and performing as it was meant to; or it may be complete overhauls and renovation to benefit from latest advances in technology or enlarge the system.

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