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01st May 2013

The latest oil & gas news updates for global and emerging petroleum markets

Oil Industry News

The Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratory provides a comprehensive range of physical and digital rock and fluid analysis services for the life of the reservoir.
Expanded Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratory delivers comprehensive physical measurements and digital technology enablement - 7th December 2017
Total's Antwerp integrated refining & petrochemicals platform
Total has inaugurated the new units at its Antwerp integrated refining & petrochemicals platform, which have progressively started up in the last few months. - 7th December 2017
Digitalisation holds the key to increased efficiency
New survey findings from Petrotechnics, the developer of the hazardous industries’ first operational excellence software platform, reveals that operational efficiency (OE) remains central to firms’ enterprise-wide strategies and is now delivering tangible results. - 2nd December 2017
5th December 2017

Unavoidably, process safety risks are often managed in different parts of an organisation. Bringing them all together in a consolidated way, to view their impact on the operational reality of hydrocarbon asset or plant is a real challenge. Oil and Gas Technology spoke to four experts - Mike Neill, president, Pyrotechnics USA, Jeff Thomas Sr process safety and reliability engineer, Process Improvement Institute, Kelly Keim, a retired chief process safety engineer, and Greg Cline, principal market analyst, Aberdeen Group – to get their views on the subject.
5th December 2017

Inspection is changing in the oil and gas sector. Kishore Sundararajan, chief technology officer of GE Oil and Gas explains how predictive data analytics, robotics, and artificial intelligence will soon be used to deliver advanced inspection services.
5th December 2017

These are indeed defining times for industry. Oil and Gas Technology sat down with eDrilling’s vice president product management and strategy, Morten Svendsen, to hear his views on one of those items often put forward to secure a bright future for us all – namely digitalisation.