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Russian ice-free platform “unfit” for exploration

12th July 2012

Russian agency on technological and ecological control deems offshore platform unfit for exploration after finding eight defects

The Prirazlomnaya platform is situated 50–100 km from Nenets national park and number of federal wildlife preserves

The first ever offshore ice-resistant platform “Prirazlomnaya” in the Pechora Sea is not technically ready for exploration, according to Russian inspection agency, Rostekhnadzor

The agency inspected the platform which is destined to develop oil in the region and found at least eight defects.

The ice-proof platform was built in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, in 2010 and was then moved to a Murmansk-based ship-repair yard 35 for final strokes and testing. A year later, four tow boats relocated the platform from Murmansk to the Pechora Sea.

With eight defects detected, Rostekhnadzor disqualified the platform from drilling which was intended to begin in June.  One of the problems encountered was that a  technological complex for primary oil cleaning was not brought into commission.

Gazprom CEO, Neft Shelf Aleksander Mandel originally announced first oil would be extracted in first half of 2013.


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