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Libyan oil industry to receive infrastructure boost with satellite network

25th March 2014

Harsh environments for communication, both climactic and political, can be overcome by using smart and innovative technology solutions

EMC Satcom Technologies, a division of Emerging Markets Communications, is to team up with the Libyan state communication operator, Hatef Libya, to develop a satellite network system that will enhance communication in the oil sector.

Communications to Libya’s oil fields are hampered by the vast distances involved and an infrastructure blasted by civil war and lack of public investment.

Hatef Libya will be using ENC Satcom Technologies’ products to firstly clear the backlog of domestic communications problems before focussing on developing the use of satellites to boost industry.

"Our solution will provide a single, efficient and dynamic satellite backhaul network that will multiply the total available capacity to each site many fold, lower the cost per site, and improve link availability dramatically," said Payam Herischi, president and CCO of EMC Satcom Technologies.

A recent report by TechNavio believes that the use of satellite communication in the oil and gas industries will grow 5.74 per cent between 2013 and 2018. This is driven by the harsh environments in which many drilling projects have to work.

The solution is built upon EMC Satcom Technologies' SatLink® product line to provide reliable satellite networking technologies that will allow reliable phone and video links between oil service companies and operators. 

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