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Alarm sounded at North Sea gas platform

16th March 2012

Norwegian energy company, Statoil is working hard to contain a gas leak from a flange to the wall against a storage cell.

Site off limits until safety inspections completed

A hydrogen sulphide alarm was reported to Statoil’s emergency centre from a platform in the Tampen area of the North Sea, it was announced on 15 March.

The position is now under control and all 236 people on the platform are accounted for but the platform, Statfjord C, has been shut down. It has a daily production rate of 25,000 barrels of oil equivalent. Everyone except key personnel required to handle the incident boarded lifeboats.

Hydrogen sulphide is a toxic gas, and detectors are activated at low concentrations. These are now falling from the initial measurements, and no hydrocarbon leaks have been detected, according to Statoil.

The official rescue service and the authorities were notified about the position, and Statoil’s emergency response organisation was mobilised.

Statoil’s emergency response leadership deals with all incidents on the basis of a worst-case scenario, and then adjusts the action taken to the way they actually develop.

Safeguarding people, then the environment, and finally the technical integrity of the installation and the group’s industrial interests are Statoil’s priorities in the event of an accident, it said in a statement.

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