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Health, Safety, Environment News

13th March 2012

Health, safety and environment news for the global oil and gas industry, providing coverage of onshore and offshore HSE sector developments and technologies

Latest Health, Safety & Environment News:

17th January 2018

Drawing on Bureau Veritas’ vast repertoire as a world-leading inspection company and  Sky-Futures’ cutting-edge, drone-based approach to industrial inspection, the new partnership offers...
4th October 2017

In 2016, regulatory authorities in North America started taking seriously the fact that methane is a very powerful greenhouse gas in its raw, or unburnt, form. They also took note that recent...
1st October 2017

Applicable in a variety of environments, from exploration wells to highly deviated development wells, SpectraSphere lowers risks associated with fluid analysis and sampling...
21st July 2017

Efficient procurement today, is an integral part of any successful organisation. The first part of efficient procurement is having a pool of business ready suppliers, whom the procurement department can rely on for purchase of products and services offered
28th January 2016

Caterpillar, in collaboration with PipeLine Machinery International, Inc. (PLM) and a group of industry leading companies, presents the Pipeline Safety Leadership Program, a first-of-its-kind training course produced specifically for pipeliners.
15th January 2016

International oil spill player Aptomar has developed a new method for environmental monitoring, making it simpler, more reliable and cost efficient for the oil companies to have round the clock monitoring, detection and reporting on unintended oil spills.