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Understanding pipe laying operation in differing environmental conditions
15th April 2013

In the onshore pipeline construction process, there are many different types of climates and terrains that will be encountered. Environments that include desert, extreme cold, high ambient, mountainous, and...
Leading edge imaging systems
15th April 2013

Global exploration and production this year is set to topple any previous spending records. According to the Barclays Global 2013 E&P Energy Spending Outlook released in December, investments in...
Maximising recovery rates
15th April 2013

Maximising recovery from aging fields is becoming paramount to several national and international oil companies as onshore oil-bearing reservoirs mature and production levels decline. In many of these...
Advanced sensor technologies for reliable measurements
10th April 2013

Oil and gas production is heavy-duty work for man and machine which takes place under extreme conditions like enormous forces, massive vibrations and explosive gases. Baumer sensors and encoders are...
The future of floating offshore units
10th April 2013

By 2035, the general consensus among analysts is that global demand for oil is going to increase by 32-35 per cent, while the IEA predicts total demand by 2020 to reach 95 million barrels per day (bpd) of...
Gas powers fracking plays
10th April 2013

Unconventional gas is fast becoming the most prevalent source of natural gas in the US, now accounting for about a quarter of its production, up from just two per cent in 2000. This figure will double by...
Subsea solutions for new offshore challenges
10th April 2013

John Mair has spent 35 years in the subsea sector. A mechanical engineer and a fellow at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IME) in the UK, Mair joined offshore subsea in the early days, starting off in...
Big risks and big opportunities
10th April 2013

Originally from Braemar, Scotland, Subsea UK CEO Neil Gordon initially trained as a commercial diver and spent eight years carrying out numerous diving assignments in the UK and Norwegian waters involving...
The coming age of controlled ISB
5th April 2013

Fire boom first appealed to the public in 2010 during the Deepwater Horizon(DWH)oil spill. Some 411 safe and effective controlled burns were conducted, removing an estimated 29,700-41,800 tonnes of oil in...
Handling industrial needs
5th April 2013

Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG specialises in lifting equipment for the oil, gas and water pipeline construction industry. Apart from supplying specialised vacuum pipe handling technology marketed under the...