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A surging prevalence in the global stage
29th January 2013

OGT: It has been an exciting year for the oil and gas industry, with the promising shale boom in the US, Brazil's pre-salt opening up and the new frontier of the Arctic luring oil and gas majors across the...
Storage fit for offshore exploration
28th January 2013

All over the world, growing energy demands and production goals are pushing oil and gas companies with deep pockets to defy harsher and increasingly challenging environments. In major resource hubs such as...
Unlocking the pre-salt cluster
28th January 2013

The world’s sixth largest economy and Latin America’s economic powerhouse, Brazil aims to boost oil production from its current two million barrels a day to nearly five million by 2020. Its vast pre-salt...
Unconventional oil and gas – how crucial is western technology?
15th January 2013

The development of unconventional resources in the US is creating a shift in the energy industry. A report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) last year estimated that the country’s oil output will...
Mexico’s deepwater drive
9th January 2013

While it remains one of the US’ major sources of oil imports, Mexico’s oil production has been declining ever since its 3.4 million barrels per day peak in 2004 – which made it the world’s 5th top oil...
Unleashing LNG – the Yamal megaproject
9th January 2013

The Yamal LNG project, also known as the Yamal megaproject, is an ambitious USD 27bn long term plan for the exploration, treatment and liquefaction of the vast natural gas reserves in Russia’s remote Yamal...
The Mangala and Bhagyam oil fields
13th November 2012

In the Spring of 2012 Cairn India got the go-ahead to increase output by another 25,000 barrels of oil/day from its producing Mangala fields in the Rajasthan block. Cairn’s Mangala field in Rajasthan is...
Enforcing environmental standards in the oil industry
12th November 2012

FracRock CEO: "Environmental sensitivity is not just responsible corporate management; it's an excellent business strategy."For many, the only knowledge of hydraulic fracturing for the stimulation of oil...
Not just video games
12th November 2012

Advanced seismic technology is essential to a form a picture of the oil and gas reservoirs deep underground. By interpreting the data produced by seismic imaging surveys, geoscientists can identify the...
Products from Coal
12th November 2012

Johnson Matthey Catalysts (JM Catalysts) and Davy Process Technology offer technology and catalysts for a range of products from coal, including sour shift and syngas purification, methanol, di methyl ether...