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Downstream News

Downstream news for the oil and gas industry providing global coverage of refining, processing and other downstream sector developments

Tankage technology spurred by gas boom
8th November 2012

Rising gas exploration has ushered what experts have called a “golden age” for the abundant energy resource. Gas is no longer just riding the proverbial backseat of the oil-powered global energy bandwagon...
German gas treatment technology to service Yamal LNG
8th November 2012

A German chemical company will see its gas treatment technology deployed in Russia’s promising USD 27bn Yamal LNG) project set to generate as much as 16.5 million tonnes per annum of the super-chilled gas...
Western tech spurs BRICs to join heavy oil rush
7th November 2012

With energy demand on the rise, particularly in the world’s emerging economies and conventional oil supplies continuously decreasing, heavy oil has arguably become a strategic global hydrocarbon resource...
TNK-BP to launch new SRU at Ryazan
2nd November 2012

ТNК-ВР on Thursday announced that by 2016 it will invest USD 97m in the construction of a free sulphur recovery unit at the Ryazan Oil Refinery Company (RORC)."Construction of this unit is a strategic...
US firm scales up new GTL technology
30th October 2012

New Jersey-based biofuel company Primus Green Energy, Inc., is scaling up technology to convert natural gas into high-octane "drop-in" gasoline, it emerged on Monday, as part of plans to break ground on a...
Russian-UK oil firm mounts USD 537m refinery upgrade
18th October 2012

Russia’s third largest oil producer will invest USD 537m in the modernisation of facilities at its Ryazan oil refinery  in western Russia, the company announced on Tuesday, as part of nation-wide plans...
Chinese major to develop oil storage terminal in Indonesia
12th October 2012

Asia's largest refiner is developing an oil storage terminal in Indonesia as part of plans to boost petroleum trading and downstream infrastructure. Experts say the terminal is to become the largest in...
China begins construction of new oil storage hub
2nd October 2012

China’s largest listed offshore oil and gas producer begins construction of storage hub along the country’s eastern coast, it emerged over the weekend, as a means to boost its refining footprint in an area...
US compressor technology bound for Malaysia
25th September 2012

The oil and gas technology arm of an American company will supply its compressor tools to a Malasyian state-led energy firm for an upcoming floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility, it emerged on...
World’s largest LNG carrier sets sail for Chinese terminal
24th September 2012

The largest class of liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers in the world has delivered Qatari LNG to a Chinese oil and gas giant’s LNG terminal, it emerged last week.The carrier, a Q-Max LNG vessel, was used...