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SPX Flow Lightnin series 10 mixers offer proven reliability, versatility and long service life

16th November 2015

Through its Lightnin brand, SPX FLOW is a leading supplier of solutions that deliver superior mixing performance.

SPX Flow Lightnin series 10 mixers
SPX Flow Lightnin series 10 mixers

Many models are specifically designed for and well proven in chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas applications. The extensive range includes the Lightnin Series 10 mixers, which offer simplicity and durability for cost-effective, reliable operation for a variety of mid-power applications.

Lightnin Series 10 top-entry mixers offer a combination of durability and versatility, are easy to install and straightforward to maintain. For mixers of this class, the Series 10 range uses exceptionally large bearings, which results in a long L10 bearing life of in excess of 100,000 hours. A rigid, high-strength housing and shaft that minimizes deflection and associated wear means these well-proven units offer long service life with remarkable reliability even in arduous conditions. Additional reliability and safety are also assured by a dry well which minimizes the risk of lubricants escaping into the tank at operating speeds. Units are also fitted with guards that are compliant with international standards such as OSHA and CE. 

Series 10 mixers are engineered with a cost-effective, simple gear design with power output up to 22 kW (30 hp). Versatility is assured with numerous motor options and a wide speed range that is ideal for varying sizes of vessel. The range further has the capacity to handle large variations in mixer loads, is adaptable to different process conditions, and has the ability to accommodate long overhung shafts. Units have a choice of dry-running single mechanical seals or lubricated double mechanical seals for use in most services including hazardous fluids or in high-pressure applications.

Series 10 mixers are highly efficient. They use leading Lightnin impellers that are designed to optimize mixing performance by maximizing flow generation and minimizing drive loads.

Lightnin mixers are designed for easy maintenance and maximum uptime. Series 10 units have all components accessible from the top of the gear box, enabling seal changes to be completed in less than 30 minutes. Oil can also be checked, added or changed quickly without the need to remove the high-strength safety guard. A tall pedestal configuration is additionally available that raises the gear box up from the mounting structure to further simplify access and facilitate easy draining and change of lubricants as well as enabling operation at higher vessel temperatures of up to 204°C (400°F).

Series 10 mixers can be built and certified to meet many requirements including CE, ATEX, PED, GOST, NORSOK, VIK and DNV DRILL(N). Overall, they are designed to give reliability, long life, trusted performance and a low total cost of ownership – making them a popular choice with the oil and gas industry.

Through its Lightnin brand, SPX FLOW provides leading expertise in the science of mixing. Continued technological research and development combined with long experience within the oil and gas industry, means that customers have the peace of mind that they are getting the best for their process and budget. Alongside the Series 10 mixer, SPX FLOW supplies a wide range of standard mixers to meet many application requirements. It further offers expert custom engineering services to meet specific installation needs and proven capability in the design and supply of complete mixing packages for the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries.

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