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Petrobras signs crude oil carrier agreement

10th May 2012

Rio-based platform will be transformed to have the capacity to produce up to 150,000 of oil and compressing 7 million cubic metres of gas per day

Brazilian oil giant Petrobras has signed an agreement to convert four Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) vessels into the hulls of the future platforms that will operate in areas on the Santos Basin pre-salt.

The contract, worth USD 1.7 billion, will be carried out at Inhaúma Shipyard, in Rio de Janeiro. Conversion works are scheduled to start in June.

The first unit in the series is platform P-74 and the vessel is already docked at the Port of Rio, with the hull conversion expected to be completed in March 2014. Conversion of the P-75 hull is expected to be completed in October 2014, while the hulls for platforms P-76 and P-77 are scheduled for 2015.

The most important conversion works are the structural reinforcements of the hulls; the enlargement, refurbishment and adaptation of the living quarters, which will have a capacity of 110 people; equipment and utility installation, and adaptations of the mooring system, among others, says Petrobras.

These works represent a “milestone” for the Brazilian naval industry: the last undertaking of this kind was the conversion of the P-48, in 2003, according to the Brazilian company.

After this conversion step is completed, each hull will be taken to another construction site, where installation of the production plant and the oil and gas processing modules will begin, along with the integration of the units (installation of the modules on the hulls). These agreements should be signed by April 2013.

Each platform will have the capacity of producing up to 150,000 barrels of oil and compressing 7 million cubic meters of gas per day. They are expected to operate at the Franco and Tupi Northeast prospects, both located in the Santos Basin pre-salt.

The agreement was signed with the consortium formed by the construction companies Norberto Odebrecht S/A, OAS Ltda and UTC Engenharia S/A.


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