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Graphite-loaded silicon carbide for sealing applications

22nd June 2015

Morgan Advanced Materials offers PGS-100 graphite-loaded silicon carbon for demanding oil and gas sealing applications

Morgan Advanced Materials’ PGS-100 graphite-loaded silicon carbide material is ideal for oil and gas applications that require protection from high temperatures and corrosive environments. Its advanced properties help reduce seal face wear, increasing uptime, and offering up to twice the service length of competitive components.

Morgan can custom machine the material into a wide range of geometries for such applications as; refinery seals, industrial abrasive slurry seals, and industrial pump bearings and seals. The material is also ideally suited for sour crude oil pumping at temperatures greater than 700°F

The unique face topography that results from the PGS-100 material enhances seal face pressure-velocity (PV) characteristics compared to monolithic sintered silicon carbide and, unlike monolithic materials that incorporate matte lapping to increase face roughness, the PGS100 topography remains for the life of the product.

The material also improves thermal shock tolerance, with the ability to survive and maintain integrity in the face of rapid temperature changes on the order of several hundred degrees. In addition, the material allows users to survive in marginally lubricated conditions for longer than sintered carbide. Providing this window of tolerance enables significant savings to be achieved resulting from increased uptime, and reduced parts and labor costs.

Morgan provides design guidance and assistance selecting the most appropriate material and grade for specific customer applications. With materials finishing capabilities in the US, UK, and China routine parts can be supplied globally within short lead times. Morgan also offers expedited services for emergency replacement circumstances to enable the most rapid recovery of uptime. 



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