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GE launches quick power solution

29th June 2012

Helping to meet the growing need for rapid power generation worldwide

An increasing number of local and federal governments are investing in rapid, highly mobile technology that can quickly bridge the power gap during blackouts, energy shortages or even natural disasters

GE has launched a new portfolio featuring several GE technologies designed for customers looking to address temporary power needs or in search of permanent power "in a pinch," it announced this week.

The PowerXpand Portfolio consists of GE's TM2500 and TM2500+ mobile aeroderivative gas turbine generator sets, the Jenbacher J320 containerised gas engine generator set and the V250/V228 diesel engine generator sets, “delivers rapid power that is reliable, whenever and wherever it is needed”, said GE in a statement on Friday.

Today's energy industry is changing significantly. Traditional, large-scale utility companies that power major metropolitan hubs have been joined by a new and growing set of independent power producers—from businesses to governments to communities—who want the ability to generate their own reliable, sustainable power, where and when they need it.

Many factors are driving this trend, including global growth of industry and rapidly expanding and power-hungry middle class, which is estimated to reach nearly 5 billion by 2030. Additionally, an increasing number of local and federal governments are investing in rapid, highly mobile technology that can quickly bridge the power gap during blackouts, energy shortages or even natural disasters.

In April 2011, Greece's EXPO Power Systems purchased a TM2500+ gas turbine generator set to meet the summer peak power needs of the Rhodes, Greece, electricity grid. The Rhodes TM2500+ gas turbine generator set was commissioned within 11 days of arrival and ready to provide a fast, permanent source of power generation.

"With our global network of partners, flexible and responsive supply chain and world-class execution, we are able to meet the needs of PowerXpand customers in nearly any environment quickly," said Darryl Wilson, president and CEO--Aeroderivative gas turbines for GE Power & Water.

"Our PowerXpand portfolio is ideal to provide a base load bridge to permanent power, for generating backup power to support natural disaster relief, plant shutdowns or equipment maintenance or for overcoming generation constraints such as hydropower shortages. The portfolio offers customers a range of products and services from a single gas engine to an entire power plant complete from engineering to commission and anything in between," he added.

GE made the announcement at the Africa Energy Forum, held in Berlin, Germany, this week. The PowerXpand portfolio is particularly relevant in Africa, where as of 2009, approximately 600 million people on the continent are without electricity (585 million in sub-Saharan Africa).

The continent is experiencing its longest period of uninterrupted income growth in the last three decades--making it one of the world's fastest growing economies.

Africa's economic growth is leading to an increase in energy demand. Total electrification rates for the continent, which vary from country to country, still sit well below 50 per cent. In many areas where energy is available, aging infrastructure and limited energy production capacity often make the electricity unreliable. Many power producers on the continent are searching for rapid, permanent power generation technologies that can solve their problems, such as those technologies in GE's PowerXpand portfolio.

Key Features of GE's PowerXpand Portfolio:

Combines GE's rapid, mobile technologies into one comprehensive offering--GE's PowerXpand portfolio of innovative distributed power solutions gives customers of all types the ability to generate temporary or permanent rapid power when and where it is needed. From one gas engine to a turnkey power plant solution, GE offers the best combination of engineering, installation, commissioning, operations, maintenance and transportation services to suit any temporary or permanent power need. The portfolio also provides business flexibility, giving customers the option to rent or buy.

Provides flexible rapid power and the right product "in a pinch"--PowerXpand technologies provide exceptional flexibility with start-up times of less than 10 minutes, allowing providers to ramp up quickly to meet peak demand and ramp down to avoid energy waste. This flexibility helps customers save fuel and money while enabling a stronger, more stable grid that can respond to demand in real time. GE is able to meet the needs of customers in nearly any environment quickly. Under most conditions, project can be brought from contract to commission in under 90 days currently and under 45 days within the year. Some projects have been delivered in as few as 11 days.

Delivers power solutions to suit a wide range of needs--PowerXpand products can respond quickly to a variety of situations demanding rapid power generation, including: helping countries reach electrification goals, providing bridge power solutions for growing demand, bringing power to remote areas, responding quickly to emergency power situations and generating backup power to support maintenance, overhauls or outages at power plants or large-scale projects. These products also can operate on a variety of fuels, including natural gas, liquid distillate fuels and diesel.

Provides technologies that can be scaled quickly and easily--The portfolio offers products in a range from 1 megawatt to 31 megawatts, allowing customer to use the technology that meets their current need, then scale up rapidly as demand grows.

Reduces reliance on costly interim power sources and facilitates rural electrification--Technologies in GE's PowerXpand Portfolio bring a stable, reliable and permanent source of power to communities that are off the grid. For example, in parts of the world where access to electricity is often unreliable or intermittent, PowerXpand makes it easy for customers to switch from interim power sources to permanent solutions that provide more reliable and cost-effective power to the population.

The PowerXpand technologies are part of GE's broader portfolio of innovative distributed power solutions, which range from 100 kilowatts to 100 megawatts, giving businesses and communities around the world the ability to generate reliable and efficient power using a variety of fuels anywhere, whether on or off the grid.


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