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Essar orders oil treatment units for Gujarat plant

21st March 2012

Essar Oil commissions Vacuum Gas Oil Hydrotreating Unit (VGOHDT) and Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) at Vadinar Refinery

New crude oil units could help Essar meet emission standards, says CEO.

Indian energy group, Essar Oil Ltd has commissioned two major processing units capable of producing higher quality products from heavier and tougher crudes at its refinery in the Indian state of Gujarat.

A vacuum gas oil hydrotreating unit and a sulphur recovery unit will be built at Essar’s Vadinar current 300,000-barrel-a-day refinery.

The nearly completed project is expected to expand the refinery’s capacity to 18,375,000 barrels per day as well as enhance complexity to 11.8, from 6.1 currently.

The sulphur unit will help the refinery recover 99.9 % of sulphur in acid gases generated from two already commissioned units, the ARU (Amine Regeneration Unit) and the SWS (Sour Water Stripper).

LK Gupta, Essar Oil MD & CEO said the refinery “will soon be among the world’s most complex refineries capable of producing fuels that meet the world’s most stringent emission norms”.

“They give us the capability to process heavier and tougher crudes and produce high-quality products that find acceptance in both domestic and international markets.”

Essar Oil has also commissioned an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with a capacity of 540 cubic metres per hour.

The ETP consists of primary, biological and tertiary treatment sections to recover oil and remove pollutants from the effluent water streams generated at different process units. The treated water will be reused for cooling tower or for the generation of demineralised water through the RO plant. The treated water can also be used for horticulture, said Essar.

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