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Enovation Controls raises the bar in gas compression technology

15th October 2014

With the gas production industry entering its second century, control and instrument technology has advanced beyond the dreams of even its most far-sighted pioneers, and Murphy instruments and controls have played a large part in that history

Enovation Controls raises the bar of gas compression technology
Many engines now in service have been rebuilt several times and were often designed before ECUs even existed; therefore, any emissions control system needs to be a retrofit solution

In the 1930s, while working in the US Midwest oil and gas fields, Frank W. Murphy invented a combined oil pressure gauge and safety switch, later renamed the Swichgage®, for triggering the automatic shutdown and protection of engine-driven equipment.

From that innovation, Murphy went on to produce a comprehensive range of engine instruments, controls and protection devices: gauges, sensors, valves and actuators, through to integrated control modules and panels, including those dedicated to reciprocating engine gas compressors. These control and end-device products continue in production, but new product development has increasingly shifted to precision Clean-Tech engine controls, both for regulatory compliance and to reduce running and ownership costs.

In 2009, FW Murphy merged with EControls, a company specialising in ECUs and precision fuel delivery systems for CNG, LNG, LPG, diesel and gasoline engines. The combined company, Enovation Controls, has a renewed focus on the challenges and opportunities in gas production and compression, as well as the increasing use of gas engines in vehicles and power generation.

In many countries, strict exhaust emission levels are the driving force behind the development and adoption of engine control technology. Just as vehicle and machine diesel and petrol engines have a black box Engine Control Unit (ECU), gas compressors increasingly need to meet clean air standards using digital full-authority control for air/fuel delivery, spark ignition and speed governing.

“Exhaust emission control aside, there are significant performance gains and cost savings in delivering fuel efficiently and in better diagnostics, prognostics and servicing,” said Jon Newman, Enovation Controls’ Middle East Area Manager. “It’s all about maximum engine efficiency and minimum down time.”

One feature of gas compressor engines is their long service life. Many engines now in service have been rebuilt several times and were often designed before ECUs even existed; therefore, any emissions control system needs to be a retrofit solution. In addition, each type of engine has its own characteristics, so performance and exhaust emissions must be mapped for full-authority control at all possible speeds and loads.

“In gas compressor fleets, there are several workhorse engines that appear time and time again,” said Chris Pragnell, Murphy Natural Gas Products Manager. “Enovation Controls has taken these engines and mapped their performance in detail using our own dyno-test facilities. With this data, we design tailor-made systems for specific engine models. Speed and emissions can be automatically controlled over a range of loads and fuel quality.”

The result is EICS (Engine Integrated Control System), a plug-and-go aftermarket solution for gas-driven engines, compressors and power generators. Since early 2013, Enovation Controls claims rapid adoption by its gas compressor OEM and fleet customers, with many engine manufacturers also recognising EICS’s effectiveness and reliability as an aftermarket solution.

For engine types that haven’t been mapped, similar principles and technologies can be applied. Each compressor controller must be calibrated on site but is designed for simple fit-once-and-forget configuration. “With both Murphy and EControls products, we can now offer customers a complete package – compressor control panel, graphical display, ECU, air/fuel and ignition controls, sensors, even a catalyst,” said Newman. “Customers get, and can prove, emissions compliance, plus running-cost savings, improved component wear and better data logging, diagnostics and planned servicing. They don’t need to design, configure or validate a system built from multiple component suppliers, and they only need to make one support call if needed.”

In addition to its in-depth engineering and application expertise, Enovation Controls is dedicated to operational excellence. Lean Six-Sigma manufacturing, industry-leading management practices and supply chain optimization ensure high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Enovation Controls products and systems will be showcased at ADIPEC 2014 in stand 13110.

Company staff and UAE representative Rajkot LLC will be on-hand to answer product and application questions.


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