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Cortec gives ageing structures new lease of life

27th November 2015

As oil and gas facilities in the Middle East are ageing and approaching their anticipated design life, operators are asking whether the end is really near, and whether a new lease on life is possible.

Operating equipment is usually designed for a 25 to 30 year service life; therefore structures are often designed with a corresponding service life.  International codes time and again fall short of delivering the end goal in the Arabian Gulf’s extreme environment with high humidity, temperatures 20 degrees above global average, and salinity levels higher than anywhere else in the world. 

To maximise value, facility owners are demanding service life beyond original design.  In addition, maintenance during operations is expected to minimize down time and increase stretches of uninterrupted operation.

Cortec is leveraging its knowledge, experience, and wide portfolio of products to assist multiple facilities in the Middle East in adopting such improvements.  Its Global Services team provides assistance in all stages of the asset’s lifecycle: from condition assessments, project management, engineering, design, and application and training services.

In the presence of one of the most challenging corrosion environments on earth, Cortec is helping oil and gas facilities to preserve key assets beyond their expected lifetimes.  Cortec’s innovative solutions enable these facilities to minimize maintenance downtime and maximize operational uptime while simultaneously giving structures a new lease on life.

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