Leak detection with TÜV-certified detection dogs

Detect leaks with our TÜV-certified dogs at an early stage to guarantee both the quality and the continuity of your pipeline infrastructure.

Third party interference management

The Sniffers provides a unique and complete follow-up of third-party works.

Pipeline corrosion protection

Avoid malfunctions, the onset of corrosion or leaks on pipeline with The Sniffers' Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management Programs.

Pipeline inspections on foot, by car, from the air

The Sniffers provides (a combination of) several inspection methods. These can be performed on foot, by car or from the air using airplanes, helicopters or UAV’s.

Leak detection in underground pipelines

The Sniffers is helping its customers with the full spectrum of possible leak detection services.

Pipeline localization and digitalization

Avoid damaging your assets during excavation or trenching with The Sniffers' Pipeline Localization and Digitalization.

Compressed air and vacuum leak detection

The Sniffers offers a complete Compressed Air And Vacuum Leak Detection program that goes beyond the traditional methods.

Thermographic inspections

With thermographic integrity inspections you can obtain the thermal pattern of your object’s surface.

Steam loss monitoring

The Sniffers Steam Loss Management program provides you with an overview of the possible steam traps, together with a summary of every installation per P&ID.

Flare loss monitoring

Get a full picture of your flare system with our Flare loss monitoring program.