LDAR - Leak Detection And Repair

Vent and flare loss monitoring

Pipeline leak detection with sniffing dogs

 As your global service provider in the oil, gas and (petro)chemical industry, we are committed to helping you realize your environmental and sustainability ambition.

We develop and execute best-in-class emission reduction, energy savings and pipeline integrity programs with meaningful impact on safety compliance, environmental footprint and business profitability.

Our passionate team of experts assist your organization with advisory services as well as site surveys.


Markets we serve


Oil industry

Natural gas industry

Pipeline networks

(Petro)chemical industry


Areas of expertise


Advisory services:


 Environmental program development

 Performance benchmarking

 Regulatory advice

 Technology research, validation and advice

☑ Emission management software applications


Site surveys:


Emission reduction

 LDAR - Leak Detection And Repair

 Methane emission management

 Optical Gas Imaging - Smart LDAR

 Storage tank emission management

 Emission management software

 Turnaround acceleration services


Energy savings

Vent and flare loss monitoring

 Steam loss monitoring

 Thermographic surveys

 Compressed air and vacuum leak detection


Pipeline integrity

 Pipeline inspections

 Cathodic protection

 Pipeline leak detection

 Pipeline leak detection with sniffing dogs

 Pipeline localization

 Third party interference management

 Pipeline information management software