Steamloc International provides long term solutions for a very specific area: condensate removal. Our outstanding record dates from 1985 and has spread mostly by mouth to mouth referral from satisfied clients. The results show: Steamloc lowers your daily operational cost on steam traps to almost zero level. Successful start-ups of projects worldwide substantiate this. Although many people still think along the way of a 'replacing market strategy' we are committed to improve and limit condensate removal to a once-only action for the lifetime of your plant. Surprised? Call our Engineers. 


Steamloc International provides long term solutions in a very specific area: condensate removal

Since 1985 we have succeeded in lowering your daily operational cost from steam traps or level controlled systems to almost zero. We achieve perfect condensate removal for small utility applications, such as tracing and drips, as well as the most heavy process applications. One Steamloc® for each piece of equipment will serve for the long term.


What it is
It all has to do with the absence of any mechanical part. The active element is a venturi configuration especially designed and responding properly to all your extreme process conditions. This simple but high-tech equipment limits your total operational costs for the lifetime of your plant to the purchase cost only. Steamloc® is the only technology that ensures this long term reliability.


Resign or Renovate?
We all know it is the mechanical working principle that that is responsible for the ever-present problem of traps failure. The market seems to only focus on how to serve customers with deliveries of spare parts and new traps. Or even help them with sophisticated tools to detect failures and energy leaks to accelerate this turnover circle. All this under the guise of minimizing energy losses, which is very important - but at the end, the customer pays for all of it. One wonders how it would be if the mechanical parts vanished…


This is what we engineered Steamloc® for
Same job, but a complete different technology. As the market leader in this highly specialized discipline our solutions stand for energy savings, absence of maintenance and an uninterrupted and reliable production. It certainly is the long term solution that many companies have been eagerly looking for.


With every installed unit we avoid massive energy losses. Our clients win and at the same time contribute to a clean environment by limiting the exhaust of greenhouse gasses!