S.A.T.E. - Systems & Advanced Technologies Engineering S.r.l. is a research and engineering company founded in 1998 specialised in the study and analysis of innovative systems and in the simulation and diagnostics of power and operating machines, plants, vehicles and special machines. The core activity is in computer modelling and simulation services and products, particularly in the fields of fluid handling machines, gas processing and automotive systems dynamics.


Thanks to the experience gained in modelling SATE developed innovative diagnostic algorithms and software based on models or on unsupervised data mining methods, also by participation in qualifying EC funded projects (DIAMOND, MAGIC, METABO). These were also embedded in custom and commercial electronic hardware for real time diagnostics, so far applied to cars, trucks, buses, industrial engines and are being studied for space crafts managed by the ESA-ESOC. Due to their generality these methods could be applied also to oil&gas processes and machines for self learning novelty detectionand diagnostics.


S.A.T.E. is a qualified supplier of several renowned customers such as ENI group (IT), ENAR Petrotech Services Ltd (PK), GE Oil&Gas-Nuovo Pignone SpA (intl.), LINDE Engineering AG (DE), SAFE SpA (Landi Renzo Group, IT), SAIPEM SpA (IT), SARAS Group (IT), SIAD Macchine Impianti SpA (PRAXAIR group, intl.), STATOIL Petroleum AS (N), TECHNIP Italy SpA (IT), UHDE GmbH (ThyssenKrupp, DE), WÄRTSILÄ FINLAND OY (FN), and others in the power and oil&gas sector.


S.A.T.E. is also a qualified supplier in the Achilles JQS system: http://www.achilles.com/en/find-your-achilles-community?id=546


S.A.T.E. is partner of Mathworks Inc. (Natick, Mass.-USA), producer of the renowned MATLAB® and SIMULINK® numerical simulation environments.S.A.T.E. quality system is certified to comply with ISO 9001-2008 standards.


Lead products and services

S.A.T.E. has a prticular and qualified experience in dynamic simulation studies for the gas compressors and liquids pumping industry, related to centrifugal, axial and reciprocating machines, based on proprietary software suites.

COMPSYS™ allows studying centrifugal and axial flow machines in their interaction with drivers, process plant and controllers. Advanced process thermodynamics, dynamic machine performance mapping, valves and pipelines flow dynamics under compressible regime, gas or steam turbine drivers, constant speed or VSDS electric motor drivers and power supply network dynamics are typical physical phenomena considered by this powerful and qualified suite. COMPSYS allows the analysis of typical transients:

  • Normal and emergency shut downs (ESD),
  • Machine start up sequences (series and parallel),
  • Process changes,
  • Valves or other equipment failure events.

The main outcomes of the studies, under normal and off-design dynamic conditions are:

  • Verification of the proper routing and sizing of control lines and valves,
  • Verification for the need and sizing of hot by-pass (recirculation) valves,
  • Verification of process and heat exchangers performance,
  • Analysis of controllers stability and remedial to possible instabilities, particularly non linear,
  • Preliminary tuning of the antisurge, performance and load sharing controls prior to commissioning,

Definition and verification of operational procedures for in field testing and machines map verification with real gas operation.


ACUSCOMP™ and ACUSYS® allow studying reciprocating machines installations against acoustic pulsations and flow induced vibrations, according to the most complete approaches foreseen in API 618 (appr. 3) and 674 (appr. 2) standards and the RP 688 guidelines. They simulate, sequentially in the time and in the frequency domains, the compressor thermodynamic cycle and the dynamic response of the processed fluid in the plant, considering mutual non-linear interactions between machines and plant, i.e.:

  • Whole piping acoustic wave propagation and pressure response,
  • In-cylinder thermodynamics and dynamic intake/exhaust flow,
  • Compressor valve dynamics, including load step commands,
  • Variable speed drivers,
  • Leakages through piston and rod seals (for model based diagnostics).
  • Critical speeds of variable speed compressors for each piping part (suction, interstage and discharge).
  • 3D shaking forces at piping bends and junctions.

With these tools S.A.T.E. provides engineering analyses of pulsation dampeners, piping, heat exchangers and other equipment interfaced with the rotating machines.


Main oil & gas projects

Field Type of Service
ASALUYE/PARS Dynamic simulation and transient behaviour analysis of the antisurge system of the Bandar Asaluye Gas Compressor Station
BORDOLANO Pulsation analysis of a reciprocating compression station for underground natural gas storage.
CERN Pulsation analysis of the evaporative cooling reciprocating compressors of the ATLAS inner detector plant.
DUKAN Acoustic pulsation analysis of the glycol pumping system for a gas processing unit.
GIRASSOL Dynamic simulation analysis of the antisurge and transient behaviour of the gas lift and injection compression units.
GULLFAKS Dynamic simulation study of a subsea wet compression unit
HAMMERFEST Dynamic simulation of the compressors system for the refrigeration cycles of the Snøhvit (Norway) gas liquefaction plant.
HARADH Dynamic simulation of the sales gas compression plant.
INSALAH Acoustic pulsation analysis of the glycol pumping system for a gas processing unit.
KASHAGAN Rescue barge - dynamic simulation of the breathing air system.
LITCHENDJILI Pressure pulsation analysis of the associated gas compression system.
LIVORNO Acoustic analysis of flow induced vibrations due to "riser singing" in the Floating LNG storage and regassification unit of the FSRU Livorno.
MELLITAH (Lybia-Italy Greenstream gas duct) Dynamic simulation of the pipeline gas compression station.