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Orga’s Circle - H explosion-proof helideck lighting puts safety first

12th May 2014
A world leader in the design and development of ATEX and IECEx equipment for the offshore oil and gas industry, Orga’s industry-first Circle - H LED touchdown, positioning and heliport identification marking system is a certified circle and H lighting system that can be safely and reliably installed in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas.
ATEX and IECEx equipment
ATEX and IECEx certification

Developed in collaboration with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) to improve visibility for approaching pilots in all weather conditions, Orga’s ATEX and IECEx (Zone 1 and 2) certified touchdown/positioning and marking (TD/PM) Circle - H helideck lighting system was installed by Wellhead Electrical Supplies, while both drilling rigs were undergoing upgrade and maintenance work at Able Seaton Port.


Older platforms present a considerable challenge when installing the mandatory TD/PM Circle and H helideck lighting scheme. Mounting Orga’s flat Circle - H lighting plates on an old deck’s irregular surface requires meticulous planning, a precise procedure and the correct tools to ensure a perfect safe fit in accordance with CAP 437, the UK CAA’s internationally acknowledged guidance on standards for offshore helideck landing areas.


Circle - H installation works on both Ensco rigs were completed on budget and in a short period of time, however, Jan-Willem de Boer, Services and Commissioning Engineer at Orga is keen to point out that Orga’s deeply embedded safety culture is central to each Circle - H installation and the number one priority is safety.


Jan-Willem de Boer said: “Our main focus is on safety and not the time it takes to complete a job. Orga’s Circle - H helideck lighting solution is a safety system designed for safer helicopter landings and to be safe to walk on with no trip hazards. Everything must be installed very carefully so that the installation remains safe and secure even after thousands of landings.”


He said: “It is our steadfast commitment to quality, safety and integrity which shapes decision-making at every level to produce a thorough and comprehensive installation procedure, identify the right tools and select the right people for each job. We are very proud to be the first with a safe helideck lighting system like this.”