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Peikko introduces Kemppi's welding quality management system to three countries

12th February 2015
Peikko Group and Kemppi have agreed on deploying the Kemppi ARC System 3 quality management system for welding at Peikko production units in Finland, Lithuania, and Slovakia. This is the first multi-site commissioning of the Kemppi system.
Kemppi - The Joy of Welding
Kemppi welding systems will be used at Peikko production units

Kemppi ARC System is a comprehensive welding system for project planning, management, and monitoring. It enables fully automated welding control and collection of documentation. Also, the welders’ qualifications, welding instructions, and information on NDT inspections are all readily available via a single service with reliable off-site storage.


The Kemppi ARC System 3 implementation at Peikko is being carried out this spring. In the first stage, all main users of the system will be trained at the Kemppi factory in Lahti. System installations will then be carried out at the Peikko production units that manufacture composite structures in Lahti; in Kaunas, Lithuania; and in Kráľová nad Váhom, Slovakia. 


Peikko’s products are used in the building frames that are subjected to heavy loads. This means that the products’ capacity and resistance properties are highly important. Welding is a critical phase in the manufacturing process of a structural product. “As product requirements and the various markets’ quality demands grow stricter, we at Peikko want to ensure that we can meet these challenges and also predict future developments in the business. The introduction of Kemppi ARC System 3 guarantees our competitiveness in quality in this constantly changing and challenging business environment,” explains Peikko Group’s CEO, Topi Paananen.


Production Director Tuomas Mantere, also from Peikko, continues, “The real-time monitoring of the welding process enables us to detect faults and quality deviations in our production. Correct and timely measures ensure consistent quality of welding output, improve our productivity, and enable us to assess the effects of the changes implemented. At the same time, we facilitate the work of welding coordinators by using system management tools in, for example, the maintenance of welding qualifications. Kemppi’s slogan ‘Stop Guessing – Start Knowing’ matches our way of thinking very well.”


Kemppi’s Sales Director, Nordic countries, Mikko Väisänen, made the following comment: “Our long-term partner and client Peikko Group is a pioneering operator whose products are among the best in the world. We are pleased to be part of the development of Peikko Group’s production processes with new technology.”


Kari Kemppi, Director, Welding Management Solutions at Kemppi, describes the solution’s impact as follows: “Thanks to Kemppi ARC System, Kemppi has brought to welding something that has long been in use in industrial cutting.” The precise information that good software can provide has a positive effect on the efficiency of production, the profitability of the business, and cost-efficiency. Kemppi describes the new solutions as allowing company to be more than an equipment manufacturer – through integration of software developments, it has become a genuine solution supplier.


Kemppi ARC System

Kemppi ARC System 3 is a modular and scaleable system suitable for businesses of many types and sizes. Also suitable for subcontracting, the software can be introduced in stages. Kemppi is a pioneer in system development, with the first platform version of Kemppi ARC System 1 having been launched in 2008. This builds on earlier work: Kemppi began to collect digital information from welding equipment back in 1995. 



Kemppi Group’s subsidiary Kemppi Ltd. is a family business, founded in 1949, and one of the leading manufacturers of arc welding equipment and suppliers of software and service solutions for welding. In 2013, its net sales came to about 111 million euros, with international markets accounting for 90% of that sum. Kemppi has production units in Lahti and Asikkala, Finland, and in Chennai, India. It has operations in 16 countries and regularly exports to more than 70. The company employs over 600 workers. Further information can be found at


Peikko Group 
Peikko Group Corporation is a leading global supplier of concrete connections and composite structures. Peikko’s innovative solutions make customers’ building processes faster, easier, and more reliable. Peikko has subsidiaries in over 30 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, with manufacturing operations in 9 countries. Peikko is a family-owned and run company that employs 1300 professionals. Peikko was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Lahti, Finland. Further information:


For additional information please contact:

Kari Kemppi, Director of Welding Management Solutions for Kemppi Ltd., at +358 44 289 9353

Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation, at +358 50 384 3001